North Palmyra Trophies
Alexander Bublik: "I am glad I will be able to come to Saint Petersburg and spend time at home"
Saint Petersburg tennis school alumni Alexander Bublik, ranked 32nd ATP, will come to the Northern capital to participate in the international tennis tournament Northern Palmyra Trophies from 1st to 3rd December. He will be granted a wild card by the organizers, which will allow him to play for any of the teams.
In anticipation of the tournament, Alexander summed up the season and shared his expectations for the upcoming competition.

- Alexander, initially, your schedule didn't allow you to participate in the North Palmyra Trophies but in the end, everything worked out. How do you feel about returning to Saint Petersburg?

- It was unexpected that I would eventually be able to come to Saint Petersburg. We were in negotiations, but due to a tight schedule, even after the end of the season, it was challenging to find time. However, I am very glad that everything worked out, and I can come to my hometown and give my fans and tennis enthusiasts a win. And spend some significant time at home as well.

- Alexander, two titles in the season, reaching the fourth round at Wimbledon, and the highest (so far) position in the ATP ranking – how do you asses the year? And in your opinion, what contributed to achieving such results?

- Yes, surprisingly, it's the best season because I've never won these many titles or been so high in the rankings in my career. However, it amazed me because throughout the year, we faced significant challenges. It was hard for me to find my game. Only at the tournament in Halle did I more or less find some consistency and calmness, allowing me to showcase the tennis we've been training for quite some time. It finally paid off, making it undoubtedly the best season of my career. As for what contributed to this success, I don't know — somewhere a fortunate combination of circumstances, and somewhere, we prepared well and approached the competition correctly.

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