Karen Khachanov – on the season's results, goals to return to the top 10, and the

upcoming tournament in St. Petersburg.

The top seed in the second international team tournament the North Palmyra Trophies, Russian Karen Khachanov (ATP No. 15), summed up the season and assessed the format of the upcoming tournament in St. Petersburg.

- Karen, what do you expect from the upcoming team tournament in Saint Petersburg? What can you say about the competition format?

- Actually, I enjoy playing exhibition tournaments. The format is interesting with two teams, featuring both singles and doubles matches. I believe it will be entertaining for the audience. I hope that all participants in the North Palmyra Trophies tournament will be able to show their best play, and there will be exciting matches.

- At the end of the season, it's customary to tally the results and reflect on the lessons learned. What lesson have you taken away from this year, and how would you assess the season overall?

- I've mentioned before that my goal is to return to the top 10. I managed to achieve that briefly after the French Open. There was a desire not only to enter the top 10 but also to solidify my position and secure a spot in the ATP Finals at the end of the season. I was working towards that, but due to an injury, I lost time and missed a significant number of tournaments. However, I see that it's within my reach, so I will continue to work and strive towards these goals and new challenges.

I believe that the season was quite successful. Unfortunately, my injury set me back for 3,5 months. After Roland Garros, if I'm not mistaken, I was the eighth in the ATP racing to the Finals. Overall, it was a good season with strong results in major tournaments. It's frustrating to lose several months, and after an injury, you can't just immediately start playing; you need time to get back into normal condition before getting back to your pre-injury form. So, my main priority now is to stay healthy, finish the season at the highest level, have a good preseason preparation, and move towards my goals in the next season.

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