Yulia Putintseva talks about cooking, dream about visiting Taylor Swift’s concert and perfect vacation

- Yulia, you bounded past Viktoriya Tomova, what is not really typical for you…

- That’s true, it’s not really typical of me to ease past my competitor. Usually I play 3 sets, 3 hours. I liked how I played today. Anastasia Myskina was supporting me and helping me with the advice. She is a great captain. Although Svetlana Kuznetsova was an excellent captain last year too.

- You participated in a workshop focusing on making cottage-cheese pancakes recently. Tell us please do you enjoy cooking?

- I enjoy cooking a lot. That’s my safe space, I just cook without thinking about something else. I met Italian chef Luigi when I was in Moscow recently. He is the chef of 3 restaurants in Moscow. I was trying to find out the recipe of the ricotta pancakes because I loved it. I was lucky he showed me how to cook it, they are just delicious.

- Do you have a signature dish?
- No, I don’t, I just enjoy cooking. I have my own book with recipes, I write down all my recipes but it’s just a hobby.

- Do you have a plan to publish your own book with recipes by Yulia Putintseva?
- All the recipes they are very healthy because I try to eat clean. I write down healthy recipes for example protein pancakes or ricotta cheese pancakes or healthy soups. Maybe I’ll manage to run a restaurant where they will serve dishes cooked following my recipes.

- We know that you also enjoy attending musical concerts. On your social media you even use a hashtag #concertqueen. Is there any concert you would love to visit?
- I dream about visiting Taylor Swift’s concert. Her concert is in the top of my bucket list but we our schedules cannot meet (laughter). I also would love to attend Bruno Mars’ concert when I’m back in Maimi. There are also Russian musicians I would like to listen to live for example Pharaoh and Basta. We are going to Basta’s concert tomorrow so I can check it off the list.

- Did you have situations when playing the tournament, you also have a chance to attend a concert?
- Yes, I attended The Weekend concert when I was in London. I played on Thursday and the concert was scheduled on Friday so I had enough time and it was a huge fun. I really liked his music. It’s nice sometimes to change the focus a little from tennis to music, art, cooking. I also love reading in my spare time to reduce the stress.

- What are the best vacations for you? The picturesque sceneries of Italy where we often can see you or the quite rest on the beach far away from the crowd?
- I love both. Either amusement rides, or quite rest on the beach somewhere in Bahamas… just to lay and do nothing. At the same time, I adore Italy, France and other European countries to walk through the narrow streets and see the sights, to learn the history of the city. I am a miscellaneous person, I like to eat well, to drink coffee, to go to water park. Tomorrow we are going to Hermitage. Last year I was there, and this time again. Unfortunately, due to the busy schedule I can’t let myself do sightseeing every time. Even I have been to St. Petersburg several times I didn’t see much and it’s so beautiful. Maybe next time I’ll come in advance and can enjoy the city as it’s worth of doing that.

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