Potapova and Shevchenko – on civil ceremony in St. Petersburg, their

acquaintance and playing mixed doubles in Australia

In the official studio of the North Palmyra Trophies tournament the newlywed couple Alexander Shevchenko and Anastasia Potapova spoke about their civil ceremony and upcoming marriage and even play a quiz challenging themselves of how well they know each other.

- Anastasia, Alexander congrats on your civil ceremony which took place in the morning. Now you are not an engaged couple, you are a husband and a wife. Anastasia, did you take your husband’s last name?
Anastasia Potapova: I’ll keep my surname on the tour and I’ll take Alex’s in the life. So, now I am Anastasia Shevchenko.

- Coming back to today’s morning. Tell me please what were the preparations before the civil ceremony? How did you choose your dress?
Anastasia Potapova: To be honest everything worked well for us as we found everything in a couple of days. We saw, we liked and just bought. Today I wore a suit, I didn’t want to by a dress for the civil ceremony as it’s rather cold in St. Petersburg. And on the wedding, there will be even two dresses, it will be interesting.

- Alexander, do you choose your outfit by yourself or Anastasia helped you?
Alexander Shevchenko: Anastasia and my Mum were doing all the stuff. I am not really good in choosing the suits.

- Alexander, you had a long season, you played final in Metz. You performed really well. Can you say some words on this ATP final in France?
Alexander Shevchenko: Playing the last tournament of the season was physically tough as I played a lot of tournaments this year, more than many of the players on tour. 35 tournaments because the ranking didn’t let me play more challengers. And to be honest physically it was really tough, I pushed myself to play and adrenaline worked for me and the draw was comfortable.

- What’s tougher to play or to support?
Anastasia Potapova: To support. I can’t watch his matches. But I always do and never miss a minute or a game. I can’t express in words what I feel when watching.
Alexander Shevchenko: Support. And I am playing a lot and Nastya is always worried for me.

- Will come back to the moment when you see each other for the first time. Nastya you said you started to chat on the social media but you know each other from the childhood
Alexander Shevchenko: We know each other from childhood but we never communicate. Just ‘Hi!-Hi!’ and that’s it. I was playing challengers and Nastya was playing on tour so I had no chance to. And when we are started the chat on social media, here our store began.

- Will we see your playing mixed doubles next year?
Anastasia Potapova: He said he is afraid of playing with me as he feels the pressure.
Alexander Shevchenko: I am afraid of this pressure as I am not a super doubles player. I don’t want to hear about my errors when coming back to the hotel room.
Anastasia Potapova: Though Sasha knows well that’s I get used to support my teammate on the court during the doubles match. Anyway, we are still discussing it if we play.
Alexander Shevchenko: We will see how it goes on this tournament. If we play a good match here, why not?
Anastasia Potapova: To be honest we will apply for the mixed doubles tournament at Australian Open but we will see whether our ranking will be enough.

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