North Palmyra Trophies
Diana Shnaider: “I look forward to meet fans during the North Palmyra Trophies tournament”
The WTA World № 65 19-year-old Russian Diana Shnaider played her first WTA level final in China this season. She will perform at the international exhibition tournament North Palmyra Trophies in the Sphinxes team led by captain Nikolay Davydenko from December 1-3 2023. The tennis player talked about how she has not fully adapted to the professional tour yet, plans for the next season and why it is worth coming to the team tournament.

- You performed at St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy, now you are coming to a team tournament of a different format, what are your expectations of it? What can you say about the format itself? Why did you accept the invitation and why should fans come and watch this tournament?

- I’m very glad to take part in the team tournament. I think this format is very interesting. I was very interested because I like playing team tournaments, when you have support and you defend the honor of your team, it has always been exciting for me. That’s why when they told me about this format, I immediately decided that I would definitely take part in this tournament. Why should the fans come and watch? High ranked players with high-quality game will perform and will try to show their best. It will be interesting. I am sure that whoever can come will enjoy it. I look forward to meet fans during the North Palmyra Trophies tournament.

- In 2021 we asked you about the transition from juniors to the professional tour and about your plans. You said that you just started to compete in a professional tour and wanted to get into the TOP 50. Now it seems that you have already adapted to the WTA tour, is that true? And you are already close to the TOP 50. Can you sum up this season, your success and feelings playing in a professional tour?

- I have not gotten used to the tour fully yet, I’m trying to take note of some things to be more prepared for the next season. I think that this year has been quite successful for me. But as they say there is no limit to how good you can get. I will try and work harder to make the next season even better.

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