North Palmyra Trophies
Demin to play his friend Khazime, Shadchneva against Smirnova
Junior participants of the North Palmyra Trophies tournament have learned their opponents for the first round.

Junior Wimbledon finalist Yaroslav Demin, will play against Daniel Khazime, while current champion of the Russian Championship, Egor Pleshivtsev will face Dmitriy Burtsev.

The latter remembered defeating his opponent in three sets at a junior tournament several years ago.

«I've just arrived and I see professional tennis players all around. Playing on the courts where ATP tournaments take place is certainly a different atmosphere; you feel like you're in the shoes of professional players», admits Egor Pleshivtsev

«The mindset is definitely serious. Although this is an unofficial tournament, we will strive to show real competition on the court. It's my first time participating in a tournament of this level, and we are competing here alongside professionals. I have already seen Karen Khachanov, Alexander Shevchenko and trained with Viktoriya Tomova. It's nice to be among such players», shared his first impressions Dmitry Burtsev.

In woman’s draw, Darya Shadchneva will face Ksenia Smirnova, whom she defeated in three sets at a junior tournament in Baku almost a year ago. Meanwhile, Daria Egorova will compete against Victoria Milovanova. These 16-year-old tennis players will open the tournament's program on Friday morning.

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