North Palmyra Trophies
"Every hall and every room is a work of art itself" North Palmyra Trophies tournament players about the Hermitage
The icing on the cake of the tennis tournaments organized by Formula-TX company in St. Petersburg is the rich cultural program that allows tournament participants and their teams to get familiar with the historical heritage of the city on Neva River.

Continuing the good tradition of St. Petersburg Open and St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy, the organizers decided to show a unique part of the Hermitage - the Diamond Room. It is called the treasury of the museum, which not every guest of St. Petersburg can easily visit, but the North Palmyra Trophies tournament players had the opportunity to see its exhibits and learn their history.

One of the exhibits of the rich collection of jewelry from Ancient Greece and the Russian Empire that attracted the attention of the players is the golden toilet set of Empress Anna Ioannovna, consisting of more than 40 items. Mirrors, powder compacts, bottles for perfumes and aromatic oils made of the purest gold amazed players with their grace and luxury.

In addition to visiting the Diamond Room, the players walked through the most recognizable rooms and halls of the Hermitage, and stopped at their favorite exhibits. The route passed through the famous Jordan Staircase, the Great Throne and Field Marshal Halls, and ended at the well-known Peacock Clock.

For the Serbian tennis player Laslo Djere, today’s excursion was the first visit to the Hermitage: «I really liked the excursion to the Hermitage, every hall and every room is work of art itself. The greatest impression on me was made by the stunning paintings of the Hermitage, very beautiful».

Dusan Lajovic, Djere’s compatriot, had already visited the Hermitage in 2017, but this was his first time in the Diamond Room: «It was very interesting to learn about the history of all these amazing exhibits, they are very beautiful».

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