North Palmyra Trophies
Fabulous tennis evening. New trophy, stunning gowns of the tennis players — at the North Palmyra Trophies tournament party
On November 30th, a players' party took place in the Tea Lounge of the Four Seasons. The elegant hotel lobby embraced its guests with comfort and immediately immersed them in the world of Cinderella's story. This year’s decorations were inspired by the fairy tale, creating a charming atmosphere in the hall.

In beautiful evening gowns and tuxedos reminiscent of a ball, participants of the North Palmyra Trophies tournament gathered to get acquainted with each other. Before the celebrations began, team captains gathered for a formal meeting to discuss the rules and technical regulations of the competition. Later, in a relaxed atmosphere, everyone enjoyed the evening festivities.

Alexander Ivanovich Medvedev, the tournament's general director, chairman of the board of FC Zenit, and advisor to the general director of Gazprom Export, took the floor to deliver an opening speech. He expressed gratitude to all the athletes for their presence, emphasizing that the participation of such distinguished tennis players in the competition contributes to maintaining the good sporting traditions for which the Northern Capital is renowned. Janko Tipsarevic, in his brief speech, expressed joy at returning to Saint Petersburg, fondly recalling the week he spent at the team tournament last year.

The champions of the first North Palmyra Trophies tournament, Svetlana Kuznetsova, Evgeny Donskoy, and Yulia Putintseva, were also invited to the stage to address the evening's guests. As the captain of the "Lions" team, Kuznetsova expressed her readiness to lead her international team to victory and secure a second trophy this year. The trophy itself underwent slight changes, with lions and sphinxes now adorning its base, seemingly guarding the tranquility and prosperity of North Palmyra.

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