North Palmyra Trophies
On court with a star. Kids clinic on North Palmyra Trophies
On December, 1 more than 100 alumnies of tennis school from Moscow and St. Petersburg came to the master class with famous tennis players. The youngest ones (8-9-years-old) practiced with Svetlana Kuznetsova, Viktoriya Tomova, Alexander Bublik and Laslo Djere, the elder ones (10-12-years-old) were guided by Adrian Mannarino, Dmitry Tursunov, Dusan Lajovic and Anastasia Myskina. The pro athletes paid attention to every kid.

To get your first-ever accreditation badge on the pro tournament which is not tall enough to hang on your belt rather than your chest, to watch the off-court life while waiting the master class start, everyone communicates on walkie talkies saying when the match starts and when spectators are allowed to enter the stands, or when it’s time for a show ballet to enter the court and to dance during the match breaks. And here are your favorite tennis players got lost searching for the way to players restaurant. The tournament is a whole world. And foe a young sportsman it is a dream but the magic is coming next when the master class starts.

Maxim Kosolapov, the tennis freestyler who is creating and performing tricks with a rackets and balls. All kids’ eyes are on him, as it looks easy to perform but in reality, impossible to repeat.

The warm-up finished it’s time to play tennis. All the kids are standing in the line waiting for their chance to play a rally with a tennis start. Some of them dancing while waiting and chatting with a neighbor, others are a little bit worried and watching the pro players every movement. But smiles don’t leave their faces, the festive atmosphere and happiness is here on the practice court where the tennis dream to be born – to win many titles and medals, to become a champion.

«We organized a master class, – said Alexander Bublik, – many kids came. I am so pleased because they are our future, they will play for our city and represent it. I’d like at least some of them reach the top level and glorify our city. I came here to show people who are usually watching us on TV that I am a human who was born here and it’s possible achieve whatever you want. The key thing is to keep on dreaming. Because dreams come true. I wish all the kids gave their dreams, believe in them when going to bead and getting up, and so their dream were brought into the lives».

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