North Palmyra Trophies
Khachanov defeates Lajovic in three sets and levels the score
The 16th-ranked player in the world, Karen Khachanov, defeated Dusan Lajovic today 4/6, 7/5, 10-7. Lions and Sphinxes are once again in a tie.

After two women's matches played in the “this is serious” format, Karen Khachanov decided to remind the audience that the North Palmyra Trophies is an exhibition tournament. Karen danced, interacted with the audience, and with Bublik, who took the microphone and tried himself as an interviewer.

Alexander, in particular, asked when Karen would serve his famous underhanded serve, and Khachanov clarified with the audience if they wanted to see that. The audience responded with enthusiastic applause. However, the Russian player went with the classic serve it was indeed done beautifully.

Despite that, the first set remained with Lajovic. He led with a break in the second set, served for the match at 5/4, and even had a match point but made a mistake. 'Sphinxes' captain Nikolay Davydenko was furious! And when the Serb lost his serve, he helplessly spread his hands in front of his team. The second set ended up with Khachanov.

At the beginning of the tie-break, Karen took the lead - 3-0, Dusan soon leveled - 5-5, 6-6, 7-7. The stands erupted after each point won by the Russian. And he thanked them with a victory - 10-7! Lions and Sphinxes are once again in a tie: 3-3

«I decided to take a left out of Novak Djokovic’s book, who, as soon as he starts losing, asks his team for a bottle of water - it helped», Karen revealed the secret of victory. «Thanks to the audience for the support; it's very nice to play in front of such stands. I think all the players are giving their all. I tried too. I almost collapsed, to be honest. It was time to call an ambulance».

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