North Palmyra Trophies
Tennis and Basta: from the courts to the stage
The second day of the North Palmyra Trophies tournament delighted tennis fans with thrilling matches on the court, and it seemed that everyone had forgotten the "exhibition" status of the tournament—three out of four singles matches went to decisive tie-breaks. From sports events to music, many spectators took advantage of the fortunate coincidence that two vibrant events were taking place on neighboring arenas of the Krestovsky Island. After Karen Khachanov's hard-fought victory over Serbian player Dusan Lajovic, they headed to the concert of the Russian rapper Basta.

Some tennis players also didn't miss this opportunity. Karen Khachanov, in an on-court interview after the match, mentioned his plans to attend the concert, and he went there accompanied by his sister Margarita. Veronika Kudermetova attended with her husband, and among the foreign participants of the North Palmyra Trophies tournament, Victoriya Tomova joined them. Evgeny Donskoy and Natalia Vikhlyantseva, who are working as interviewers at this exhibition team competition, and junior tournament participants, also managed to immerse themselves in the music.

"2.5 hours went in one breath," Natalia Vikhlyantseva told the tournament's press service. "Towards the end, he performed all of his major hits: 'Sansara,' 'Vypusknoy,' 'Moya igra'.

Special for Saint Petersburg performance the stage was intimately decorated to create a chamber concert feel, replicating the interior of Vasily Vakulenko's Gazgolder label studio, where rehearsals take place and hits are created. The corner of comfort and creativity embedded in the vast stadium looked like a dollhouse, its windows accessible to everyone present without disrupting its tranquility and boundaries. When thousands of lights lit up during 'Sansara,' and the entire stadium sang along to the well-known lyrics, the synergy of voices sent shivers down the spine. Victoriya Tomova, who understands a little bit of Russian, was touched by the words the performer spoke between songs, especially those about his wife, to whom he dedicated one of the evening's songs.

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