North Palmyra Trophies
Potapova and Zvonareva brought the "Lions" their fourth point
Anastasia Potapova and Vera Zvonareva defeated Veronika Kudermetova and Yulia Putintseva – 6/4, 6/2.

Over her expressive tennis career, Vera Zvonareva has won 15 doubles titles, including the Australian Open-2012 with team captain Svetlana Kuznetsova and Moscow River Cup-2018 with Anastasia Potapova who was just a junior player back then. The skill of the final tournament-2023 champion and the fiery determination of the entire team allowed the ‘Lions’ to secure victory and level the score against the ‘Sphinxes’ once again – 4:4.

The day before, Potapova had a very intense singles match against Kudermetova, and in the evening, she battled against Putintseva in mixed doubles. Zvonareva also gave her all in a singles match that lasted more than two hours.

The doubles match proceeded in a more relaxed manner and lasted for 61 minutes. The players alternated interesting combinations with errors. Vera and Anastasia played a great game on Putintseva's serve when the score was 5/4 in their favor, securing the first set. In the second set, the ‘lionesses’ took a 3/0 lead, and after their opponents narrowed the gap to a minimal 2/3, they did not concede any more games and celebrated their victory.

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