North Palmyra Trophies
Bublik takes over Shevchenko during the last match of the North Palmyra Trophies
Аlexander Bublik defeated Alexander Shevchenko – 7/5, 6/4.

This match no longer had tournament significance as the ‘Lions’ had already secured the necessary 6 points for the overall victory. However, the match between the two Alexanders promised to be spectacular even before the start of t the North Palmyra Trophies tournament.

Shevchenko hinted that among all the tennis players who came to Saint Petersburg, he would like to meet Bublik on the court. There's almost a month until the New Year, but wishes should come true.

Alexander Bublik was appropriately named the Joker. On the first day of the tournament, he brought the first point to the ‘Lions’ and on Sunday, he went on court as ‘Sphinx’ and played for them.

Both players made considerable efforts to delight the audience – not only with their tennis but also putting on a show. Bublik served from below in his signature style – and even managed to make a double fault that way! He erupted in a passionate rant about it. Together with his opponent, they executed magnificent rallies. For example, a long exchange of sliced shots in the second set even amused the audience.

Shevchenko tried hard to showcase all his skills to the Russian audience, and Bublik clearly wanted to secure his second victory in St. Petersburg. When the game situation demanded it, he could step up, and as a result, he emerged as the stronger player. Responding to an express interview question from Evgeny Donskoy during the match about whether they are friends with Bublik off the court, Alexander Shevchenko seriously said: «Of course not. We are archenemies». However, after the match, the opponents embraced warmly at the net, leaving no doubt – friendship prevailed.

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