North Palmyra Trophies
Terms and conditions of the tournament "Trophies of Northern Palmyra 2023"
The Northern Palmyra Trophies tournament for professionals is held in the sport discipline "team competition", and for juniors - in the Olympic system.
The 2023 tournament will feature two teams the Lions and  Sphinxes. Each professional team consists of 3 WTA players, 3 ATP players and 1 playing captain.
The Junior Tournament consists of the 4 strongest girls and 4 strongest boys.
The number of participating teams among professionals is 2.

Among the Lions and Sphinx teams, 11 matches will be played, including at least 8 singles matches.

The playing captain may substitute a player of his/her gender before the start of the respective singles or doubles match or at any point in the match when changing sides (not during a tie-break).
Singles matches shall be played from two tie-break sets, with a deciding tie-break of up to 10 points in case of a tie-break.
Mixed doubles matches are played from two tie-break sets with the deciding point being played when the score is "even" (the pitch depends on the gender of the server). If the sets are tied, a deciding tie-break of up to 10 points is played.
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