North Palmyra Trophies
Keep your ticket until the end of the game day.

It is forbidden to appear at the stadium under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

It is forbidden during matches:
  1. Move around the auditorium
  2. Shouting and use of noise effects
  3. Use cell phones with beeps, cameras with flashes and professional photography and video equipment.
  4. Applauding after an error on the first serve
  5. Transmit match data (statistics, score) to third parties, live broadcasting
A ball that goes out to the spectators during play must be returned.

No carry-ons allowed into the stadium:
  1. Any weapons, cutting and stabbing objects, toxic and radioactive substances, explosives;
  2. Flammable compounds, pyrotechnics, anything that can cause fire or smoke (gas cans, flares, firecrackers, etc.);
  3. Spraying devices and mechanisms for throwing objects (e.g., pneumatic clappers);
  4. Any type of dyes;
  5. Alcohol, drugs, stimulants;
  6. Propaganda materials aimed at promoting Nazism, extremism;
  7. Any technical devices that may interfere with the event (sound amplifiers, radios, laser and lighting devices);
  8. Large-sized objects that prevent other fans from freely viewing the competition.
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